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Join us for our Proverbs 31 MPW challenge!

Join us for our Proverbs 31 MPW challenge!

By Tiffany Feagins

Who’s in on the Proverbs 31 MPW challenge!!!!
I’m excited to see what God reveals to you and how HIS wisdom is gonna transform our minds and our actions!!!!!! Here are the rules:
#1- Beginning August 1,2019 read one chapter per day!!
#2- Post on your personal Facebook page and tag us @modernproverbswomen with #MPWP31Challenge #WomenOfWisdom
#3- Check in on the Modern Proverbs Women Facebook group page in the comments of our daily post!!!!  If you are not part of our group please join Modern Proverbs Women Today
#4- Purchase journal to track your success and look back on what God has said!!(optional)
Let’s get it IN ladies!!!!! Let’s get excited about this journey!!!!  If you are not on social media you can visit our blog everyday and leave your comments in the comment box below.

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